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ArronaxPlus : Equipment of Excellence for 2012-2019

ArronaxPlus equipment is driven by excellence and GIP Arronax involving five other partners: Subatech, CRCNA, Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital of Nantes and ICO, CEISAM, CEMA-Oniris. He was held in the Equipment Financing Program of Excellence (Equipex) of Investments for the Future.

With a budget of € 8 million for the period from 2012 to 2019, ArronaxPlus will make additional investments in existing facilities for the development of multidisciplinary research in nuclear medicine and radiolysis and make Nantes a global hub for R & D and promotion in these areas.

ArronaxPlus aims structuring five scientific and technological platforms

  • Production of radionuclides: control beam targetry, radiation
  • Chemistry and radiopharmacy: chemical synthesis, radiolabel, extension of PUI (Pharmacy Internal Use) CHU ​​Nantes
  • Preclinical and clinical research:
    • Imaging and Radiotherapy rodent imaging and targeted radiotherapy means animals, camera 3 photons
    • radiopharmacy, PET / CT, PET / MRI, Radiotherapy, Medical Physics
  • Beam experiment under: radiolysis, PIXE, radiobiology
  • Training and Education

The project coordinator is Dr. Jacques Barbet, Director of Research at CNRS and Director of GIP Arronax.