• Alpha-immunotherapy

    Discipline of nuclear medicine that seeks to develop drugs based alpha radiation emitting radioisotopes (effective radiation to destroy cancer cells) and antibodies (which are used to select the cancer cells).

  • Antibody

    Protein secreted by certain white blood cells, specifically designed to neutralize a foreign substance or an infectious agent.

  • Cancer

    Medical discipline devoted to the study of cancers or malignant tumors.

  • Nuclear cancer

    Part of nuclear medicine applied to cancers.

  • Cyclotron

    Circular particle accelerator, small (a few meters).

  • Scintigraphic imaging

    Medical exploration method which is injected a radioactive substance that will be fixed in the body to be examined.

  • nuclear Medicine

    Branch of medicine and medical specialty devoted to the use of radioactive elements to the examination or treatment of patients.

  • MeV

    1 Mégaélectron-volt = 1 000 000 eV (electron volts).

  • oncology

    Synonyme cancer: medical discipline devoted to the study of cancers or malignant tumors.

  • alpha particles

    Some radioisotopes emit radiation consisting of helium nucleus (two protons and two neutrons) which are referred to as alpha particles.

  • Protons

    The nuclei of atoms are composed of protons, positively charged, and neutrons. The core of the simplest element, hydrogen, is made of one proton.

  • Radiochemistry

    Study of physico-chemical properties of radioactive substances.

  • Radioisotopes

    Unstable forms of elements, which tend to disintegrate spontaneously after some time by radioactivity

  • Radiotherapy

    Therapeutic technique of exposing a part of the body to ionizing radiation.

  • internal radiotherapy

    It involves injecting radioactive drugs (which emit ionizing radiation) for therapeutic purposes.

  • ionizing radiation

    Radiation is formed of particles or electromagnetic waves, is able to remove electrons from the material.

  • Positron emission tomography

    Medical imaging technique which, by the injection of positron-emitting radioisotopes, provides three-dimensional images of excellent quality on the functioning of certain organs