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What are the domains of applications?

For research in nuclear medicine, the main domain of application is diagnosis (PET imaging) and therapeutic (radionuclide therapy) in oncology. Another application is PET imaging in cardiology.
Radiolysis is the second facet of the research project. ARRONAX provides a privileged tool, on the one hand, to better determine the confining quality of radioactive waste containers and, on the other hand, to test devices under radiation (like e.g. spatial electronic). Radiobiology experiments on living cells will soon be possible.

Physical Period  Use as diagnosis (imaging) Use as internal radiotherapy
Emitters +      
Copper 64 12.7 h Cancerology  
Scandium 44 2.4 d    
Gallium 68 68 mn    
Rubidium 82 1.2 mn Cardiology  
Emitters -      
Copper 67 2.6 d   Radioimmunology
Scandium 47 3.4 d   Radiopeptide-therapy
Astatine 211 7.2 h   Alpha-immunotherapy