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3rd Nuclear Technologies for Health

The third edition of the Nuclear Technologies for Health Symposium
(NTHS 2015), the international meeting on radiopharmaceuticals and
nuclear medicine hosted by the IRON LabEx (Innovative
Radiopharmaceuticals for Oncology and Neurology Laboratory of
Excellence), will be held in Nantes (France) from 10 to 11 March,

Innovative tracers in neurology: from bench to bedside
Multimodality imaging
Theranostics in nuclear medicine
Targeted radionuclide therapy

Confirmed invited speakers:
Pr Otto Boerman (Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The
Pr Hank Kung (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,
Philadelphia, USA)
Dr Tom Bäck (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
Dr Alfred Morgenstern (Institute for Transuranium Elements,
Karlsruhe, Germany)
Dr Claire Tabouret-Viaud (University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland)

More information: : http://www.nths2015.com/
Abstract :http://www.nths2015.com/abstract-submission/

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