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Copper-64 is a beta + emitter with a half-life, T1 / 2 of 12.7 hours.
It is expected to have several uses in diagnostic field :

  • Hypoxia imaging with ATSM radiolabelling
  • Phenotypic imaging with radiopeptides or monoclonal antibodies ( immunoPet applications)
  • Dosimetric study prior to treatment for the pair of positron-emitting radioisotopes and beta minus emitter Copper-64/Copper-67.

On the ARRONAX cyclotron, given the characteristics of the available beam, we decided to produce it using a deuteron beam of 16 MeV. The choice for deuteron beam provides a higher production yield than through classical proton beam.

Radiochemical production of Copper-64 chloride is now operational andr 2 productions per month are regularly delivered to research IRON programs. (http://www.labex-iron.com/).

Radiopharmaceutical and sterile quality for clinical trials is now running at Arronax in an Annex of the Nantes Hospital Pharmacy which works under Good Practices for Hospitals or Healthcare Facilities.